May 9, 2011

What is Your Information Graphic Design IQ ???

Perceptual Edge refers to this as a Graphic Design IQ test, i think it’s more properly considered as an Information Graphics or Data Visualization IQ Test.  In this 10 questions test you will be challenged questions like which graph presents what information better.

May 8, 2011

What is SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius)

Just a brief introduction for those who totally have no idea what SAP Dashboard (Xcelsius) is.

It was known as Xcelsius but then SAP decided to change its name into Dashboard design. 

It is one of SAP Business Objects product that you can use to create dashboards. 

Like its name, it has a strong association with Microsoft Excel. If you are good at Ms Excel you might find this  software easy :) but you don't need to be a Ms Excel expert to use Xcelsius. As long as you know how to use Ms Excel function to get data that you need, that's it done with Ms Excel skill needed.

It has many ready-to-use components like graphics, input controls, etc, even maps; just drag and drop as you need; besides you can also develop your own component using Java prog. language.

Although it's a SAP product but it does not limit the use of different data source, it is can be connected to SQL or databases.

It also has many ready-to-use templates, this definitely very helpful for those who is not design literately like me :)

But for those who are really into design, they can design their own templates using flash or photoshop or....

And last but not least you can also mash-up it with Google map or Google motion chart or etc.

xcelsius Free trial download click here

May 6, 2011


Hello world!!! (Official shout out from all newbies in info. tech. application development)
After a long wide consideration i decided to Blog :)
This site i dedicate to all people who are interested in SAP Dashboard Design (Xcelsius).
Me myself is a newbie in this field, as my career just strated three months ago.
This dashboard design tools somehow could caught my attention, and a quite bright future ahead i believe.
So, hopefully you will find this blog useful.
Please check out the TUTORIAL AND GALERY :)
Your voices are welcomed in this site.

DV :)